Afterschool activity clubs


After School Clubs: 

Tuesdays: KS1 Multi Sports, this club will be open to Willow and Cherry class during Term 1, with a maximum capacity of 20 children. 


Thursdays: KS2 Multi Sports, this club will be open to Oak and Cedar during term 1, with a maximum capacity of 20 children.


Timings & Cost: Both Multi Sports clubs will run from 3.15 - 4.15 pm at the usual direct charge to parents of £3.50 per session. We will be running 7 sessions during term 1, meaning the total cost for each club will be £24.50. 


Payment Methods: Payment must be made via cash or cheque, payable to Signature Sports Coaching. Parents must send children in to school with the full payment ahead of the club start date. We will collect payments from the school office and create the register. We will email you a completed register ahead of the first after school club session. 


Additional Information: 

  • All games and challenges have been adapted to adhere to government guidelines.
  • Additional cleaning measures will be in place, including the wiping down of equipment before and after use.
  • All children will also be required to wash hands before and after the club. 
  • We will not be asking children to get changed during terms 1 and 2 to adhere to current government guidelines. 
  • As parents are not permitted to enter the school premises, all children will be dismissed via the front school gate, only allowed to leave once we have seen parents and signed them out. 
  • I agree that if my child does not follow instructions, consistently breaks Club rules or is disrespectful, they will miss between one or all sessions.

Friday Mentoring ASC: We will be running a child lead sports mentoring ASC to give extra emotional support to the children who may most benefit from this. This club will again run from 3.15 - 4.15pm. 


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