Physical Education


This year Shield Road School is trying to take part in more competitive sports, both within school and against other schools. During Terms 1 and 2 2021-22 we have played some football matches against St. Michaels and Holy Family and taken part in a Dodgeball Tournament. In the coming terms we also have more matches and house competitions planned. Please keep an eye on our newsletters to find out how we do in all of our matches and please come and support us if your child takes part!


We also take part in The Daily Mile. This is a 15 minutes session, separate to our PE lessons, where the children are encouraged to keep moving for the full 15 minutes. Some choose to run, others jog, some long as they keep moving it counts! The Daily Mile is a national initiative to support children in keeping active each day. It is amazing what a difference this can make to their learning! Scroll down to see The Daily Mile Assembly and Welcome Pack links.

Please browse through the photos we are currently showing. We will upload photos through the year so that you can see all the fun things our fabulous children at Shield Road School get up to with our sports!