Art and DT

At Shield Road we love art! This year, 2019-20 we will be using different media such as poster paint, acrylic paint, watercolour pencils, clay and modroc plaster to produce wonderful works of art. 


During Term 1 and 2, our focus artist is L.S. Lowry who painted in Victorian times whilst living and working in Salford. Children have enjoyed discussing his painting 'People Standing About'.

Here are some examples of our L.S. Lowry work from Cedar, Oak, Elm, Maple, Silverbirch and Willow classes.

Please click on the pictures to fully appreciate them.

Y5 have been busy making the planets. Here is the start of their modelling journey using papier mache.



Remembrance 2018 and 2019


In 2019 we decided to repeat our poppy making, this time using acrylic paint which made the poppies a more vibrant shade of red. We have added these poppies to last year's display and attached them to the fence at the front of the school. They look amazing and provide a focal point for the children to ask questions and learn more about the significance of poppies and Remembrance Day.


In 2018 to commemorate Remembrance Day every child in the school made a poppy using the base of a plastic bottle. We mixed poster paint with pva glue and wire to stick it to our netting. The poppies were displayed in the school hall and we were all very pleased with the results.

Lantern Designing

We have been invited by The Mall at Cribbs Causeway to help decorate lanterns for their Winter Wonderland. Here are some of the children having fun decorating the inside of the lanterns with a mosaic using tissue paper. Children from every class were chosen to help with this activity and the lanterns will be lit up using small solar lights. They will look wonderful and we can't wait to see them installed at The Mall.