Welcome to EYFS at Shield Road

We are called Maple Class

Our Curriculum:


At Shield Road, we believe in the development of children as individuals and that all children deserve an education rich in memorable experiences that allows our children’s creativity and curiosity to grow, alongside the development of key skills and knowledge to prepare them for the challenges in early education and beyond. We believe that offering our children strong foundations and a love of learning gives children the best chance to become well-rounded, happy individuals, ready to succeed in an ever-changing world and help them to become curious life-long learners. 

It is our intention to provide a stimulating learning environment where all children can work with adults and peers in a climate of mutual respect to develop confidence in their ability to learn. They can only do that if we embed the right habits for learning through the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning – Play and Exploration, Active Learning and Creative and Critical Thinking. We aim to provide children with a well-structured, safe and active learning environment.

Our Curriculum provides the children with lots of opportunities for meaningful cross-curricular links and learning experiences as well as promoting the unique child by offering extended periods of play and sustained thinking following children’s interests and ideas.  We value imagination and creativity and seek to create a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning through continuous indoor and outdoor provision, alongside trips, visits and regular visitors/experts.


We recognise that children will learn most effectively when they are healthy, safe and secure, when their individual needs are met and when they have positive relationships with the adults who care for them. We aim to provide a setting that encompasses a safe and stimulating environment where children are able to enjoy learning and grow in confidence that helps them to achieve their potential.

Children in EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.  Our timetable is carefully structured so that children have daily whole class Phonics, English and Maths sessions with regular circle times focusing on PSED and other areas of the curriculum.  We also have regular focused group time where children work with a member of staff to develop their skills and knowledge. During these sessions, the adult can systematically check for understanding, identify and respond to misconceptions quickly and provide real-time verbal feedback which results in a strong impact on the acquisition of new learning.

Children are provided with plenty of time to engage in ‘independent learning’ in which a variety of experiences are carefully planned to engage and challenge them in the provision. The curriculum  is designed to be flexible, engaging and exciting so that their unique needs, passions and interests are embraced. It is planned in a cross-curricular way to enable all aspects of the children’s development including understanding the world and expressive art and design as well as to promote sustained thinking and active learning.

Language and communication are fundamental core skills and is at the heart of our curriculum. It is the key to enabling children to achieve and provides the strong foundations for future learning. It is promoted through a language rich ethos and environment in which adults narrate, ask questions, model thinking, provide a running commentary, repeat and extend language, introduce new vocabulary and give children reasons and a desire to talk.

We use development matters to guide our long term curriculum and then use in the moment and short term planning to match the children’s interests and needs. Guidance overview: Development Matters - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Our long term planning for the 7 areas of learning: 

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Our inclusive approach means that all children learn together but we have a range of additional intervention and support to enhance and scaffold children to ensure all children can meet their full potential. Individual children will have short, sharp 1:1 interventions helping to meet their individual targets.   Other interventions such as singing and talk boost will be completed in a small group. The characteristics of effective learning are viewed as an integral part of all areas of learning and are reflected in our observations of children. 

Throughout Reception, our children are assessed in relation to their progress towards Development Matters and the Early Learning Goals. These judgements are made on the basis of accumulative observations and in-depth knowledge of the children acquired through ongoing assessments. Next steps are taught in the moment during continuous provision and during adult led activities to ensure children are being challenged. End-of-year assessments are finalised during the summer term, summarising each child’s development at that point against the Early Learning Goals and Development Matters.


Our children will be actively engaged in their learning and the enjoyment of this learning will be apparent in their daily provision.  All children will have experienced a curriculum that provides exciting and enriching learning experiences and opportunities for them to learn through educational visits and practical experiences.  

Our children will be able to appreciate and understand the world around them by experiencing and learning about different cultures, celebrations, music, dance, art and history. Children will actively ask questions about the world around them and their learning experiences. They will be able to take risks, as this is an opportunity to learn.  Through communication and language development, they will be able to express themselves clearly, listen carefully and communicate with others effectively through spoken language.

We know that by the end of Reception at Shield Road Primary School, our children will have developed the essential knowledge and skills required for everyday life and lifelong learning. We believe the children at Shield Road will be happy, inquisitive and successful learners who have bright futures.

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