Welcome to Year 6

Redwood Class

Miss Beighton and Mrs Williamson

Stay safe during school closure!


I hope that everyone is staying safe and keeping well during the school closures.

Before Easter everyone in Redwood Class took home a pack of work for home learning including a list of websites with home learning suggestions. I hope that you have managed to complete most of this work by this stage and I thank everyone for all their hard work this year so far!

Unfortunately, as the SATs are no longer going ahead I would like you to focus primarily on topic and science work during the remaining school closure. I have attached below a science project on animal classification - however still spend some time on revising and recapping English and maths (aim to complete some work every day as you would in school in order to keep on top of it). 

I have attached some updated work to complete for maths, grammar, science and topic see the links below - for maths in addition to the links use mathletics to work through ratio and proportion, shape, fractions and angles. 

I will be updating the website next week with English work - however in the meantime either write a book report or a short story using character and setting description. You can email me these into me when completed for me to see alongside your science project work.

If you need any support with home learning or would like to share your home learning, you can email me. Importantly, remember to play, have fun, make memories and keep safe!

Miss Beighton


Writing Tasks

 Writing Tasks 1-5.docxDownload
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Download and complete the talk for writing tasks below there are lots to choose from.

If your looking for a challenge download the greater depth writing task booklet instead - same tasks but more challenge. Enjoy being creative I look forward to reading your writing!

Greater depth challenge writing booklet 

Grammar Work

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Summer Reading comprehensions

 Answer Booklet.pdfDownload
 Mark Scheme.pdfDownload
 Reading Booklet.pdfDownload
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 Goodnight Mr Tom Chapter 1 Reading.pdfDownload
 Goodnight Mr Tom Questions.pdfDownload
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 Introducing ratio lesson 1.pdfDownload
 maths methods support booklet.htmlDownload
 Ratio-and-Proportion assessment.pdfDownload
 Times Table Games.pdfDownload
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Science project - animals and classification

 Animals Including Humans Crossword.pdfDownload
 Animal_discovery_and_classification project.docDownload
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Science light power point and tasks

 Science - How we see.pptxDownload
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 Science - Issac Newton & Rainbows.pptDownload
 Science - Reflection.pptxDownload
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Excellent example of home learning 


Key Days to Remember!

P.E: Thursday afternoon

Spellings: Hand in Thursday (test is on Thursday also)

Reading Journals: Hand in Thursday complete 3 tasks each week.

Homework: Given out every Friday to be handed in on a Thursday


We are working towards our SATs this year so please help your children to revise. 

SATs – 11th – 14th May 2020

  • Maths Paper 1 –Arithmetic
  • Maths Paper 2 – Problem solving 1
  • Maths Paper 3 - Problem solving 2
  • Reading Test
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Test (GPS)
  • Writing –Teacher assessed

Children receive scaled scores and a level:

Greater Depth

Expected level

Has not met expected level


Pride Points!

This year, we will continue with our Pride points system to reward children for good behaviour or outstanding work! At the end of each week 2 children will win a prize from Mr Mepham! 

Useful Information

We love reading in Year 6.  Please help us to read at home and remind us to write in our reading journals at least 3 times and complete 3 activities.

We regularly use a fun website called Mathletics to consolidate our understanding in maths. You can also use this at home! Just click on the link below and enter your username and password:


Here are some of the other brilliant websites we use in school to help us consolidate our learning: