Welcome to Year 5 in 2019/20

Update 2nd April 2020.

 Hello everybody and hope all is well. We are now well into the second week of school closures and the 'lockdown'. To keep you going over the next couple of weeks I am uploading some more essential skills PDF's to work on. The thought behind this is to keep the brains active and maintain those core skills that will be needed when school reopens.

Please find below a list of PDF's.

Comprehension 1:  The diaries of Lord Ambrose

Comprehension 2: Percival Soames

SPAG: Paragraphs

SPAG: Layouts

SPAG: Writing Lists

Arithmetic Skills

And finally a short piece of writing....

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Update 27th March 2020

Hello everybody and hope all is well. Welcome to the second update. We will endeavour to keep the children busy by posting work on the website in the form of PDF documents. Maths will be handled by our reinstatement of Mathletics licenses. The advantage of this is that it allows us to remotely set work which is in line with the curriculum. In order to access Mathletics we will need to email you access information, so it is essential that you email school enquires ASAP in order for us to send you the info. 

For English we are setting two pieces of SPaG and two sets of comprehension activities. Where possible children should continue reading their books and keeping their journals. For extra activities I suggest using the websites listed below especially Twinkl and Whiterose.

We'll update next week. Take care and stay well.


Mr Adams

Please find below a selection of work to download. This is in line with what they would have been doing over the next few weeks.

Comprehension Treason

Comprehension Trick or Treat

Spag Apostrophes

Spag Colon and Semi Colon

Arithmetic Skills

Finally here is some History Related work that would be nice for the children to do. First they view the Power Point about Mayan masks and then design and make one. Templates have been provided. It would be really nice to publish any masks that are made on the website. If you do make a mask then please send the pics to enquires@shieldroad.org.uk.

Mayan Mask Power Point

Mayan Mask Template

Mayan Mask Instructions

Finally, here is a story to write. It is an imaginative narrative, so let you imaginations run wild.  This story can be written in Word and if you would like to send in a finished and edited piece of work I'll publish it on our class page.

A Change In Time

Hope you have a good week and we'll post more content next Friday. Bye.



As you know the school will take part in partial closure over the next few weeks.

The children have been sent a home school pack - this has work in set for a whole week  (term 4 week 5, 23rd to 27th).

We will update the website with work for term 4 week 6 (30th to the 3rd).


If you have any questions relating to home schooling - please contact enquiries@shieldroad.org.uk with the subject title 'Year 5 home schooling'.



Here are some useful links we’ve found that might help you and your family with the home-schooling experience!











Other Useful Links



We will try and add to these links if we find more resources for you  : )