Hello to all Silverbirch Parents. Please find below the curriculum newsletter for the first 2 terms.





Welcome to Year 5 in 2019/20

Update 7-7-20


Good morning. Fingers crossed this will be the last posting on the website and in future all work will be published to Class Dojo. We are just waiting for a few GPDR wrinkles and knots to be unravelled first. We will then send you your child's log on and a log on for yourselves. In the meantime I'll download some more work.


Thank you all,

Mr Adams.


Hello Year 6 Maths Transition Booklet.pdf



Update 3-7-20

Good morning everybody. I hope everybody is feeling well and in good spirits. As you may be aware the government have announced that school will be open from September this year. In the meantime Year 5 will be testing Class Dojo which is a web/app based learning platform. The school is using this because:-

1) It is very child friendly.

2) It is safe with full parental access.

3) It is free.

It is all set up and ready to go and we are just resolving some GPDR issues. What will happen is that you will receive a text from the school asking for your email address. We will then send out a pdf file with your log on details. You may then log on and use. 

In the meantime here is some work to keep you going:

Year 5 Summer Themed Maths Booklet - Questions.pdf


Update 23rd June 2020

Good morning and hello everybody. At last the sun is shining and the rain has disappeared. The Google Classrooms is beginning to take shape and hopefully will be ready soon. The school has agreed that the Year 5 children will be the test Year Group for the online learning platform. We will keep you posted on any further developments. This weeks work consists of two revision maths pieces and a new format for the English work. I have decided to use the Talk for Writing booklets which offer a comprehension English workout.


Negative Numbers Revision.pdf

Place Value Revision.pdf


Update 16th June 2020


Good day to everybody. Hope everybody is well and cheerful. Some positive news is that the school is busy setting up Google Classes, an online learning platform. At the moment we are waiting for the LEA to set the school up as they have to 'manage' it. Once that has happened the school is planning to run a pilot with the Year 5's. This means that we will be able to run online video lessons in a safe and secure digital environment. Children will be able to submit online work for marking and feedback. I'll be be posting updates as and when we get further information.


In the meantime here is the weekly skills tasks:-


SPAG Homophones.pdf

SPAG Synonyms and Antonyms.pdf

Comprehension Rescue.pdf

Comprehension The Wind


Please find an interesting little side project about creating a Time Capsule for 2020. It includes parents guidance on how and what to do as well as several activities for the children to complete.








Update 9th June 2020

Hello once again. Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Below is a list of links for this weeks work. It seems that school is slowly coming back to life. In the meantime keep doing as much of the set work as possible to keep your skills up and ready for when you do return.


Mr Adams.

Comprehension Work

Comprehension Friday 11th March.

The Young Egyptian Scribe.pdf


SPAG Prepositions.pdf

SPAG Conjunctions.pdf

UKS2 Uplevelling Sentences Activity Sheets - Family Love.pdf

Maths Work


Update 2nd June 2020.

Good morning everybody. Hope you are all well. It looks like the lock-down is gradually being eased and relaxed and hopefully there will be more announcements about the day when we can all return to school. In the meantime we will keep posting work on the website. I also encourage you to use BBC Bitesize as that has a remarkable array of online learning resources for everybody to access. 

Take care everybody and hope to see you soon.

Reading Comprehension:

Comprehension Visit to Bath.pdf

Comprehension The Audition.pdf



SPAG relative clauses.pdf

SPAG Mixed practice.pdf



Arithmetic addition and subtraction


Writing: The Magic Escalator


Update 20th May 2020


Once again good morning to everybody. At the moment the school is busy planning a gradual reopening. As you all know this will begin on June 1st for a limited number of year groups. In the meantime, I have uploaded another set of work to keep those skills sharp. 

Comprehension 1 The Wrong Spell

Comprehension 2 Strike at the Workshop

Spag Clauses

Spag phrases

Writing An amazing Discovery


Update 11th May 2020

Good morning everybody. As I am sure that you are aware the 'Lock-down' is slowly being eased. The Government has said that schools will begin a gradual reopening starting from the 1st of June.  This will only be for certain year groups however. Rest assured that the school will be in touch with you as to when Year 5 children can make a return. In the meantime I have uploaded more work to keep those core skills sharp and focused.

Comprehension 1 Collecting a Thayle Egg

Comprehension 2 A Self Made Man

SPAG able and ible

Spag ably and ibly

Arithmetic Skills

Update 4th May 2020.

Good morning everybody. Were now moving into the month of May and signs are hopeful that the 'lock-down' may show signs of being eased. This means that maybe the government will announce a phased return in June. So, keep your fingers crossed that school can open soon.

Please find some more work below to keep you all going:-


Comprehension 1: Storm Over Skullbone Island

Comprehension 2: The Painting Part 2


SPAG: ant and ent

SPAG ance, ence, ancy and ency


Update 27th April 2020

Once again hello and welcome to this weeks update. This week there will be a focus on the Mayan topic. We will be learning about the city of Chichen Itza. Another piece of news this week is the intention to make courtesy phone calls to Year 5 families to see how everybody is. 

To keep reading skills sharp:-

Comprehension 1 The Painting

Comprehension 2 The Appalling Day

To practice our Maths skills:-

Arithmetic Skills

Some SPAG to keep you going:-

Spag 'shul' sound

Spag 'shus' sound


The final task this week is a topic based task. Please upload and read the Powerpoint about the Mayan city of Chichen Itza. Then can you construct a mind map of the information gathered. Finally create an information leaflet for the city. Again a template for this has been proivided.

Chichen Itza PP

Chichen Itza Mind Map Template

Chichen Itza Information Leaflet


Keep safe and well,

Mr Adams.

Update 20th April 2020

Hello everybody. Hope you are all keeping well and keeping your spirits up during these strange times. Hopefully, it will only be a few short weeks and they will open the schools up again. In the meantime I will continue to set work in regular updates. The work, as always, is based on keeping their basic skills sharp. 

Keep safe and keep well.

Mr Adams.

Please find below a list of PDF's

Comprehension 1: Maya Comprehension.pdf

Comprehension 2: The Bathroom

SPAG 1: Prefix 1

SPAG 2: Prefix 2

Maths: Arithmetic Skills

Update 2nd April 2020

Hello everybody and hope all is well. We are now well into the second week of school closures and the 'lockdown'. To keep you going over the next couple of weeks I am uploading some more essential skills PDF's to work on. The thought behind this is to keep the brains active and maintain those core skills that will be needed when school reopens.

Please find below a list of PDF's.

Comprehension 1:  The diaries of Lord Ambrose

Comprehension 2: Percival Soames

SPAG: Paragraphs

SPAG: Layouts

SPAG: Writing Lists

Arithmetic Skills

And finally a short piece of writing....

Spider Supporter


Update 27th March 2020

Hello everybody and hope all is well. Welcome to the second update. We will endeavour to keep the children busy by posting work on the website in the form of PDF documents. Maths will be handled by our reinstatement of Mathletics licenses. The advantage of this is that it allows us to remotely set work which is in line with the curriculum. In order to access Mathletics we will need to email you access information, so it is essential that you email school enquires ASAP in order for us to send you the info. 

For English we are setting two pieces of SPaG and two sets of comprehension activities. Where possible children should continue reading their books and keeping their journals. For extra activities I suggest using the websites listed below especially Twinkl and Whiterose.

We'll update next week. Take care and stay well.


Mr Adams

Please find below a selection of work to download. This is in line with what they would have been doing over the next few weeks.

Comprehension Treason

Comprehension Trick or Treat

Spag Apostrophes

Spag Colon and Semi Colon

Arithmetic Skills

Finally here is some History Related work that would be nice for the children to do. First they view the Power Point about Mayan masks and then design and make one. Templates have been provided. It would be really nice to publish any masks that are made on the website. If you do make a mask then please send the pics to enquires@shieldroad.org.uk.

Mayan Mask Power Point

Mayan Mask Template

Mayan Mask Instructions

Finally, here is a story to write. It is an imaginative narrative, so let you imaginations run wild.  This story can be written in Word and if you would like to send in a finished and edited piece of work I'll publish it on our class page.

A Change In Time

Hope you have a good week and we'll post more content next Friday. Bye.



As you know the school will take part in partial closure over the next few weeks.

The children have been sent a home school pack - this has work in set for a whole week  (term 4 week 5, 23rd to 27th).

We will update the website with work for term 4 week 6 (30th to the 3rd).


If you have any questions relating to home schooling - please contact enquiries@shieldroad.org.uk with the subject title 'Year 5 home schooling'.



Here are some useful links we’ve found that might help you and your family with the home-schooling experience!











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We will try and add to these links if we find more resources for you  : )