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We are working really hard on our times tables this year. In year 3, we need to know our 2, 3, 4, 5,  8, 10 and 5o timetables. In year 4, we are trying hard to learn them all right up to 12x12 by the end of the year so any practice that we can get is really helpful!

We regularly use a fun website called Mathletics to consolidate our understanding in maths. You can also use this at home! Just click on the link below and enter your username and password:


 Here are some of the other brilliant websites we use in school to help us consolidate our learning:





Snack time!

At break we will be providing a variety of healthy snacks for children to buy. Please bring in the money for toast for the week on Monday. Juice and fruit can be bought on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Toast 10p

Fruit 15p

Juice 35p


Hot school dinners are provided daily at the cost of £2.30 per day. 


Pride Points!

This year, we will continue with our Pride Points system to reward children for good behaviour or outstanding work! At the end of each week, the points are counted up and the 2 children with the most points win a prize from Mr Mepham! Pupils throughout the school have been put into of 4 houses - Stars, Sun, Moon and Earth - and the points each child earns will also count towards their house total at the end of each term! 


Key Days to Remember!

P.E: Tuesday 

Spellings: Friday

Reading Journals: Hand in Tuesday

Homework: Given out every Friday to be handed in on Thursday


Keeping a reading journal

We love reading in Year 3/4.  Please help us to read at home and remind us to write in our reading journals at least 3 times, completing  one activity. 

You can see an example below:

As you can see, they've written the name of the book at the top. The first entry is an activity they've completed from the front page of their reading journal. The second and third comments are simply responding to a section of the book they have read. 'I liked the... because...'

This shouldn't take too long and is simply to ensure that children are reading. These are to be returned weekly on a Tuesday.