School Closure.

24th March 2o20

Hello everyone,

I hope that you're all doing well and staying safe at home. We have sent home a list of great links and websites to support home learning. many of these can be used independently and also have resources to support parents with teaching.

.We have put together a daily learning agenda to provide support and guidance for after the Easter holiday. Please find 'Year 3_4 Home Learning' below. 

I want to reassure you that the priority, as it always has been, is the safety and wellbeing of the class. So alongside learning, It's also important to find plenty of time  to play, relax and make memories. This may be a confusing and worrying time for some, so please get in touch if you would like any further resources to help children to relax at home. There is lots online as well!

My work email address will be sent out via text message to Elm class parents. Don't be afraid to get in touch to  ask any questions or even just to update me. I'd love to know how Elm class are all doing!

 Best wishes.

Miss Bowe


1st April 2020

Hello everyone,

It has been lovely to hear from some of you with updates on how you're doing and what the children have been up to. Please do stay in touch.  If you have any photos of activities or messages you would like me to share on our class page then please send them to me and I will upload after the Easter holiday. This might inspire  friends on how to make learning fun at home, or be a way to show them how you've been relaxing over Easter. 

Mathletics logins have been reinstated to support with home learning. Please can you email me so that I can send your child's log in directly to your email address.

For learning after Easter, please find 'Year 3_4 Home Learning' below. 

Best wishes,

Miss Bowe


Bug Hunt

During week 2 of Term 4, we got our hands dirty on a bug hunt around the school grounds. We were looking for invertebrates so that we could classify them. We found worms, snails, slugs, wood louse and a spider! Try it in your own gardens at home, you'll be amazed at what you might find.




Road Safety Workshop

On the 5th March, Year 3 attended a road safety workshop. They participated in practical activities showing the importance of wearing your seatbelt, using a car seat, wearing bright/ fluorescent clothing and using the green cross code.  Remember, Stop... Look... and Listen!




 Biology Taster Day

On the 2nd March, Y3 and 4 became scientists as they visited the laboratories in the University of Bristol. Linked to our science topic 'Living things and their Habitats', the children dissected owl pellets and explored them under a microscope. They really enjoyed the day, particularly the flying owl!



Term 1 & 2: The Romans

Elm class have really enjoyed being historians and researching Roman life. We have learnt all about inventions, invasions, gladiators, clothes, entertainment and lots more!

Thank you to everyone who has helped the children with their own Roman projects, they were all fantastic and have received lots of compliments from the rest of the school. The projects gave our class the chance to create or research something of their choice linked to Roman life. Have a look at some of our creations and hard work.



Science Term 1 - Sound

We have been investigating how sounds are made, having lots of fun with instruments to test pitch and volume. We have explored how sound waves travel to our ears, and can even name parts of the inner ear! Elm class had lots of fun testing cup telephones. They worked best when pulled tight in a straight line. 

Ask your child what they have learnt this term about sound, they would love to share their learning with you.


During our first week, we made abstract art backgrounds using crayons and wax resistant watercolour paint. The results were fantastic and really show off everyone's unique styles and personalities. These backgrounds were used for 'All about me' self portraits. 




Key Days

P.E: Friday.

Please ensure you have your p.e kit in school.


Spellings: These will be handed out each Monday and assessed the following week. 


Reading Journals: Please support and encourage your child to complete three activities every week. These can be done

in school or at home. Journals are checked on a Friday


Homework: Set every Friday to be handed in by Thursday. Alongside set tasks, please support in reading and times tables

 practice at home.