A letter from your new teachers Miss Spoto and Miss Diffey

School Closure Update

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18th June 2020 Update


We hope that you are all still well and happy. We are missing you!

Note for parents: during Term 6 we would have been covering Sex and Relationships Education in class. Please find attached a ‘Changing Bodies’ Powerpoint from the PSHE Association and ‘Changing Bodies KS2’ Powerpoint from South Gloucestershire. Both are aimed at children in KS2 and you might like to work through them with your child. In addition, we have attached some helpful links from the NSPCC about keeping your child safe on-line.


We suggest that you look through the information carefully to ensure that you are happy with the content before sharing it with your child.




As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the home learning then please contact Miss Machin via email.


2nd June 2020 Update

Welcome to Term 6! We have now published the home learning for this term. There are lots of great activities for you to try. I have also attached some additional English activities too - some the ideas look great and I am sure that you will enjoy doing them. Take care, only do as much school work as you and your family feel is best for you and most of all remember to have fun and enjoy yourselves. We are missing you.

15th May 2020 Update

Unfortunately, during mid-May White Rose maths removed the link for parents however, I have downloaded some maths activities for you to try, Y4's please look at the questions on money and Y3's have a go at the addition and subtraction booklet. I have included a lot for you to try so dip in and out of them and do as much as you feel able to do. I have also attached accessible resources from White Rose for you  - Y4's could also try them as revision activities. Please remember to only do as much as you feel able to! It is just as important to have fun and make memories.

Also attached are some reading comprehension activities which I think that you will enjoy.

7th May 2020 Update

Tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and there are lots of resources for you to try on the school closure page of the website.

19th April 2020


We hope that everyone is staying safe, keeping well and enjoying the sunshine.

Before Easter everyone in Oak Class took home a pack with home learning suggestions to last from school closure until Easter. We hope that you have enjoyed doing it.

We have now also attached two home learning documents to cover Term 5. They have lots of educational suggestions as well as fun learning to try. BBC Bitesize have also launched daily lessons via their website https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons.  We recommend this as it is year group specific, follows the National Curriculum and looks fun! 

There are also many well-known people doing lessons via You Tube, Instagram and Facebook. Our favourites include: Joe Wicks (PE), Steve Backshall (Science), Myleene Klass (music), Carol Vorderman (maths), David Walliams (stories) and Floella Benjamin (stories). There are also lots of programmes for children on BBC i-player too.

We also like the Talk for Writing learning by Pie Corbett, it makes English fun and there are activities for both Y3 and Y4. We have attached it for you to have a go if you feel able.

If you need any support with home learning or would like to share your home learning, Miss Machin's work email address has been sent out via text.

Importantly, remember to play, have fun, make memories and keep safe!

Miss Machin and Miss Harris

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OAK CLASS 2019 -20


The children have returned to school in Term 4 full of enthusiasm, eager to learn and keen to dodge all the rain we are experiencing!

Our English text in Term 4 is 'Escape from Pompeii' by Christina Balit which links to our Geography topic: 'Vicious Volcanoes' and draws on our learning in Term 1 about the Romans.

This term in Science we are looking at 'Living Things' and in early March we went to the University of Bristol where we visited the Life Sciences Department to be Scientists for the day dissecting owl pellets, looking at animal skulls and using microscopes amongst other things!

In Art we have made clay tiles and decorated them in the style of Mondrian who is our 'Artist of the Term' in terms 3 and 4.

In class we have enjoyed reading 'Demon Dentist' by Davis Walliams. In fact, the children enjoyed it so much that they have now requested that I read 'Boy in a Dress' also by David Walliams to them.

World Book Day 5th March; We have taken part in many activities in school. We have been fortunate enough to have a visiting author in class helping us to plan our own stories using a 'jigsaw' approach, where we identified - characters, setting, problem and resolution. The children loved planning their own stories.


During Term 3 our chosen English text is 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes and children have already used their junk modelling techniques to create their own iron men! As the term progressed we learned how to make an electrical circuit in Science and during DT lessons we added flashing eyes to our Oak Class Iron Man!

Have a look at the gallery of some of the children making their own Iron Man.


During Term 1 and 2 our History focus was the Romans. We read the book 'A Journal of Illiona', visited Caerleon, had a Roman shield in the classroom and totally immersed ourselves in everything Roman. We also spent time focusing on the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Oliver Jeffers which the children loved. They used descriptive language, expanded noun phrases and similes to describe the crayons and where they lived.


We have also been learning about poetry and enjoyed reciting 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. We even wrote our own version using the sounds heard in school and we performed the poem to Mr Mepham, Mrs Harrison and Willow Class.

The Shield Road Sound Collector by Oak Class

A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried it away

The chattering of the people

The banging of the door

The scraping of the gravel

The creaking of the floor.

The tip-tap of the footsteps

The clanging of the gate

The babbling of the parents

The smashing of the crate.

The flushing of the toilet

The humming of the fridge

The tapping of the pencil

The clacking of the bridge.

The squeaking of the doorway

The scattering of the knives

The shouting of the children

The buzzing of the hives.

A stranger called this morning

He didn't leave his name

He left us only silence

Life will never be the same.