Welcome to The Hive


Hello my name is Mrs Barton and I run The Hive with help from  Mrs Hazzard and Mrs Beale.

I am available every morning in the playground from 8.45 if you would like to talk to me. 

We will invite parents of the children in The Hive into our classroom regularly but we have an open door so please if you’d like to pop in just let me know or ask in the office. 

Useful information


Breakfast is provided for the children everyday. There is a selection of cereals, fruit, toast, crumpets and a variety of toppings. We encourage the children to take the orders, cook and serve the food and do the washing up!


On a Tuesday we have Mr Horgan from Signature sports who comes in to work with us. He is following the Smart moves scheme of work as well as doing outdoor learning and sports activities to improve our coordination, gross motor skills and accuracy.


The children will read with an adult every day in The Hive. This will be a book that we keep in class but it will follow the reading scheme they bring home.


Each week on a Friday the children will bring home spellings to learn, these will be tested the following week.

If the children would like to do some more learning whilst at home they can access 

Reading wise and Times tables Rockstars on a tablet or computer. If you need their log in details please ask Mrs Barton.


In the Hive we love to learn.

We use lots of different resources to help us.

Here are a few websites you may like to visit to help support your child's learning. 

Click on the links (in blue) to go to the website.


Key stage 1 children

English BBC Bitesize

Maths BBC Bitesize

Free Phonics resources and games


Key stage 2 children

English BBC Bitesize

Maths BBC Bitesize



Children in The Hive earn marbles for our class jar. Together we choose a treat like a visit to the park or a movie and snack. Mrs Barton chooses an amount of marbles needed to earn the reward and we work together to reach our goal. Marbles can be earnt for lots of different things such as being kind or helpful, doing great work or having a fantastic attitude.


Term 1


In the Hive we have been getting to know each other and ourselves through our learning. We have written a poem 'the best part of me' and we have taken selfies and thought about a goal we would like to achieve. 

We invited our teachers into the Hive to have a Tea party! We researched a recipe and baked scones together, we wrote invitations and made decorations. We all had a great time and our teachers got to spend some time with us and learn lots of new things about us. 

It's been a great start to the term and we are looking forward to inviting our parents in to our classroom soon. 


Wow work 

Today some of our parents came in to visit us.

In Maths we have been learning about time. We have made our own clocks and used them to help us complete lots of different activities.

In English we have read the story of The Lorax. We thought about how we would try to save the world if we were The Lorax and we made our own Lorax characters.

We love our Signature Sports sessions. We have been learning to hit the ball accurately and enjoyed playing a game of crazy golf in the hall as well as taking part in Smart moves.

In our Mindfullness sessions we have looked at our thoughts. We have been talking about what thoughts we have and how they can make us feel. We watched a video about 'bubble thoughts' and it taught us that thoughts are just like bubbles, they only last a short time before they POP and go away! We made our own bubble wands from sticks and pipe cleaners which we manipulated into 2D shapes. Some of the children were set a challenge to make a 3D shaped wand! 

If you would like to watch the video click below. You could ask your child to talk to you about the types of thoughts they have and how they make them feel.

Zen Den Thought Bubbles link