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Road Safety

Autumn Term 2020

This is our Curriculum Newsletter for Term 1

The children in Reception class are settling in well. They have been learning the new routines and are already becoming independent in some activities. We are so proud of the children who can put on their coats and wellies without any help!  The children are making new friends and developing their confidence through making their own choices about the activities they would like to do.  This term we are finding out about ourselves and looking for signs of Autumn as well as having time to follow our own interests. 

At snack time today we were chatting about spiders so we shared a story about a spider who was lonely. The story is called Aaaarrgghh! Spider!  by Lydia Monks . We sang the song - "Incy wincy spider" and we watched a short video which showed the different ways spiders move. We then went outside to hunt for spiders and spider webs. We found so many spider webs, some of the places we found webs were - on the gate, on the steps, on the table legs and near the gate. We used magnifying lenses to have a closer look at the spiders.The children learnt how to draw a spider with 8 legs and a web with diagonal lines. They also learnt how to create a collage of a spider.

Watch a video of the story here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btctO8asZ3E

Remember, always supervise young children when they are using the internet.

We have shared the story book "The Big Red Bath" by Julia Jarman. 

Watch a video of the story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_LutvyO4-M

Then we had lots of fun playing in bubbly water washing our pots and pans.