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In Literacy year 3 have been focusing on narrative writing, based on Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters by John Steptoe. We developed our use of descriptive and figurative language to describe a setting and a character in the book. We then created our own characters and wrote an alternative story set in the African Rainforest. 

Here are some of our setting descriptions:


While Nyasha travelled through the great African Rainforest, she saw sunset coloured mangoes hanging on ancient, sky scraper size trees towering up into the Emergent and they swayed gently in the cool, relaxing breeze.  Beneath the thin branches, silky, dew covered cobwebs sparkled in the early morning sun which beat down on the rocky, burning path that looked a bit like the Amazon river from above.  Pale flowers spread across the grass like a million butterflies that had landed quietly on the silky seaweed and green grass.  Also she saw some enormous beautiful tear-shaped leaves that were draped over the tall treetops that popped out of the misty canopy out to the high up Emergent above their heads.  High up in the canopy, tiny birds tweeted like little children chattering also even high up, in the canopy rainbow coloured parrots squawked to each other that Nyasha loved the sound of.  Further down the path, an ancient waterfall flowed that led to an ocean blue river and there was bound to be dangerous animals in it.  After Nyasha had passed all of the wonders of the rainforest, Nyasha felt upset to leave but cried to be at the City.


As Nyasha travelled through the colourful African rainforest she saw ancient, old, beautiful waterfalls which were as soft as silk.  She could hear birds twittering to each other, there were pretty, lovely, pink love birds sitting on a branch together.  The black and blue poison dart frogs were happily croaking to each other.  In the rainforest there were dewy cobwebs that got tangled with chocolate brown pods.  Marigolds as soft as a blanket lay on a rocky ground.  There were wide vines wrapped around thick tree trunks.  Golden butterflies danced around Nyasha’s head and formed a crown with tiny birds that looked like ruby jewels on the crown.  Then Nyasha saw the beautiful city below. She saw the shimmering palace and she imagined the King sitting handsomely on his throne, smiling and waving at his visitors.


When Nyasha stepped into the green landscape of nature, called the African Rainforest, she saw a reflection of the sun on the clear blue lake that was as blue as the deepest ocean.  Insects of all size and shapes scuttled around the rough, bumpy tree trunk that shot up, like a tower, to the Emergent layer overhead.  As she carried on the endless journey, she saw glamorous love birds that she longed to own and six rainbow coloured parrots that were so very cute and feathery golden butterflies started to twirl around Nyasha’s head like a crown.  When they were half way there the wedding party plus Nyashas saw eight or nine armadillo’s rampaging quickly like armoured boulders streaming down a hill to safety.  As they got to another lake they saw emerald lilypads on the surface.  Beyond the branches Nyasha saw a giant eagle soaring through the air like an aeroplane.  She saw non-active sloths hanging from the branches of the towering trees of the giant forest in Africa.  She was dumbstruck when she saw the slithery group of anacondas starting to leave slime trails behind them as they slid.


As Nyasha travelled through the African rainforest she saw vines twisting around as tall as a sky scraper.  As she looked up she could see the fuzzy matt white clouds in the sky as blue as the deepest ocean.  Nyasha looked down to the forest floor and there was a flood of beautiful flowers surrounding her and there was an orange, dusty path that goes on and on and on.  Nyasha could hear a lovely stream trickling through the middle of the ground with brightly plumed birds cheeping beautifully.  Walking quietly she felt the smooth, thick bark of the trees that were towering above her head.  Nyasha could feel rain drops on her hand that were falling from the grey cloud in the gloomy sky.


As Nyasha travelled peacefully through the African rainforest in the distance she saw a glamourous parrot as colourful as a rainbow which led her onto a non-active sloth that swung around carefully.  Overhead she saw brown chocolatey coco pods draped on the healthy palm trees, meanwhile it lead Nyasha to sapphire waterfalls.  The energetic jaguar pouncing like a dolphin showed Nyasha the delicate creamy flowers spreading like a soft cream blanket.  There are slithering anacondas sliding slowly up the towering rainforest trees like a slimy snake.  On the emerald green, forest floor, mossy frogs lead Nyasha to the commotion wedding party, which was deep down below them.


Under the glittering sunshine, gentle Nyasha travelled curiously around dark, brown trees swaying the way the invisible wind blew like a delicate leaf because of how quickly the howling wind rushed by.  As she trampled over autumn leaves, loving Nyasha could also feel twigs snapping quietly beneath her feet like crunching snow.  Before a cloud covered the sun, she could feel the sun beating upon her skin as hot as boiling water.  Through the vine leaves, a yellow poison dart frog rested on a small grey rock while it made weird noises that it copied over again.  By the stream, Nyasha heard tingling water which after seconds sprayed her beautiful garments.  As she strolled among the towering tree trunks, careful Nyasha could see the silky branches dangling downwards.  



Project Homework

For their project homework the children created these amazing rain forest shoe boxes showing the different layers of the rain forest and the animals which live there.


As part of our 'Rain forest' topic, the children tasted a range of fruits from the Amazon Rain forest. 

The children then designed a new Rain forest smoothie using the ingredients they tasted and tought of a name for their product. Finally they made their delicious healthy smoothies. 

Zoo Trip 

We had a great day at Bristol Zoo.  There was a Rainforest workshop where we found out about the different layers of the rainforest.  We also got to hold a cockroach and stroke a rainbow boa.  It was a little bit scary at first.