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Shield Road Primary School

"An Inclusive Learning Community"

Welcome to OAk class - Year 1

Election Day

We split into groups and created our own parties.

Gold Party

Daniel's Party

Red Shield Party

Super Party

Helpful Party

Each party wrote their own manifesto and we voted for which one we agreed with the most.  

Red Shield Party won with Susie as their leader.  Their manifesto promised to give money to the children's hospital, protect animals and their homes and give all children a bottle of water to keep them healthy.

Den building during forest schools.

We took part in Feet First which is a child pedestrian training programme run by the Road Safety Team at South Gloucestershire Council.

We learnt lots of road safety skills including signs that a car is about to move, where we should walk on a pavement, how to find a sensible to cross a road and how to cross safely.


The most important rule we learnt was we should always be with an adult when crossing the road and we must hold their hand!


Well done to our writer and book worm of the week 24.03.17

All the children in Oak Class loved World Day Book.

In assembly we were given a box of scrap! It contained a cutlass, treasure, a crown and a globe. We used these items to write our own story, in the afternoon we read our stories to year 3. We were also lucky enough to hear year 3's scrap box stories that they had written on the computer.


Well done to our writer and book worm of the week 24.02.17

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week 10.02.17

3.2.17  - Today Stewart North came to visit Year 1. He is a church leader at Ebenezer church on Filton Avenue and he taught us about how the church cares for others. We learnt all about George Muller, a Christian who opened an orphanage on Ashley Down Road. He cared for and provided education to lots of children a long time ago. We also found out about all the different things Ebenezer do to care for and support people in the community. Our favourite thing is when they go into schools to share their puppet shows.

On Thursday 2nd February 2017 we all had a lovely time at The Wild Place. Luckily the weather stayed dry! It rained heavily the night before so there was lots of mud and puddles to jump in. During our workshop we read a story called The Lazy Lion and learnt all about animal’s habitats. We also made Lion masks and held a giant African land snail. Wolves were the highlight of the day as they were running around in their packs. We watched them while completing the bare foot trail (in our wellies). The cheetahs were asleep in their home so we were able to stand really close to them while reading information about them. We learnt that they can run really fast and are the fastest land animal. It was very exciting going into the Lemurs enclosure, some of us were lucky enough to see the Lemurs running around us while others saw them sleeping in their house. Most of the children thought the best bit of the day was eating lunch in the play barn followed by playing in there.

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 27.01.17


Please listen to the songs we made up about the properties of materials in Science.     Jan 2017

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 13.01.17

Year 1 have been busy already this term, learning about Andy Goldsworthy and the art he creates from natural materials. We looked at some of his art and discussed the shapes and lines that he has made. We also discussed which were our favourites and why we liked them the best. Then we used natural materials such as pebbles and stone, sticks and twigs, leaves and grass to design and make our own art in the same style.

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 6.01.17

Colour Magic!   9.12.16

A group of children worked with Miss. Harris to make some magic happen!

We had to get a paper bag and put skittles in a pattern in a circle. –James.

Then we put some water on them. We waited and we watched. –Olliver.

It made rainbows! –Ethan.

The water made the colour change. –Ashleigh.

It washed it away. –Tyler.

Today we talked lots about our colourful experiment and came up with all the important words we need. We will be doing the experiment again next week and writing all about what we did.


We wrote a recount about our trip to the zoo.    23.11.16

Can you spot time conjunctions, capital letters, full stops and using 'and' as a conjunction to join two sentences together?

Our Zoo Trip - 22.11.16

We controlled the Beebots in ICT!

We wrote and tested different algorithms as well as debugging ones that didn't work. 

Well done to our writer and book worms of the week. 18.11.16


Year 1's trip to playspace!

Emily and Buster from  'Dogs Trust' came into school and helped us to learn how to stay safe around dogs and how to keeps our pets happy and healthy.

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 4.11.16

Diwali Lamps - October/November 2016

Our Billy Goats Gruff Puppets  - Oct 2016

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 21.10.16

On Wednesday morning we took part in the Big Draw. We did a variety of art activities which were: closely observing a flower and then drawing it blindfolded, using our fingers to make designs with textured paints – they had sawdust, oats, sponge and rice crispies in them and making collages from lots of different materials that make noise, including bubble wrap, tin foil and corrugated cardboard. We linked the activities to some of our work in science, which has been about the 5 senses and had loads of fun using our senses to do these activities.

We looked for headings, subheadings, pictures, captions, labels and information in non fiction texts. - 14.10.16

This term we have been developing our balancing skills in PE. Here we are playing a game called Pop up pirate! We had to pretend we had a pirate peg leg while our partner balanced things on us. If we fell over our partner shouted 'pop up pirate!

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 14.10.16

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 07.10.16


Today we had Avon Fire Service visit to talk about fire safety.  7.10.16

The Three Billy Goats Gruff book covers

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 30.9.16

We acted out a story in the pictures below.  Can you tell which story it was? 


The children have transitioned well from Early Years up to Year 1. We have done lots of 'getting to know you' activities, including games, drama and art work. One of our favourites so far has been making goats from painted hand prints! They are up on display as part of our 3 Billy Goats Gruff topic in literacy this term.
The children have enjoyed starting to learn about Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot and will be making fireworks based art just before half term. Ask them what they know about Guy Fawkes.
They have all been working really hard so far and we are proud of how well they have coped with the change in to Key Stage 1! 

Look what we have been learning this week! 28.9.16

Sam the interactive bear came to visit!

He was really sad as he didn't know how to make a sandcastle .

We wrote instructions and showed him how.

Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 23.9.16


Well done to our writer and book worm of the week. 16.9.16

We used the iPads to record our voices - 16.9.16

Our First Week in Year 1!  


During the week we have explored all the year 1 learning areas and found out where all the equipment belongs.

In Literacy, we have found out about the features of instructions and followed some to make a paper plate bird puppet. We have also written all about our summer holidays and discussed how to be a great learner!

In July we enjoyed our transition activities, please watch the video below.