Welcome to Willow Class 2018-2019

Welcome to Willow Class!

Term 3 - What do you know about dinosaurs? 

In Science we have been exploring materials, on 21.01.19 we tested and sorted objects in magnetic and not magnetic. 

On Tuesday 8th January 2019, we arrived at school to find our classroom was a mess! The tables had been knocked over, there was mud all up the walls, bones and mud all over the floor, there was a nest with an egg in and there was even a pile of poo!


Luckily we have CCTV. We watched it and found out that a dinosaur had been in the classroom.  Can you believe it?

Term 2 - Where does fire come from?

Week beginning 26.11.18

This week we were very lucky to have some special visitors. We had firefighters from Patchway Fire Station come to talk to us about fire safety. We learned what to do when we hear smoke alarms and also learned how to 'Stop, drop and roll.' 

We also had a visit from Olympic athlete Toby Olubi. He is a member of the 4 man bobsleigh team. He gave us a very inspiring talk about following our dreams and then we played games of 'loading' into a bobsleigh. 

In Maths, we have been making 2 digit numbers out of tens and ones, sorting 2D shapes using a Venn diagram and building models out of 3D shapes.

22.11.18 - We have been performing poems about our senses.

In Art this term, we have been looking at our features and have used different media to recreate them.

Term 1 - We love sharing our learning with our parents.


This week we have had special visitors come in and they have read a variety of different stories to us!


8.10.18 - In Science we have been learning about our 5 senses. Today we used 4 of our senses to move around the school environment. Then we had to try and work out what different object were.

12.9.18 - Our English unit this term is instructions, on Monday we followed instructions to made a Pitta Pizza. We then learnt all the features instructions and wrote our own.


12.9.18 - This week in Maths, we have spent the week sorting and counting objects.